Where is Atlantis located?

First we tell you where the capital city of Atlantis is located. That is the ringed capital city called Atlantis with a diameter of 23km. It consists of a centre island, two land rings, three water rings and then the last outer ringed area is what we would call ‘down town’ Atlantis. Around the round city wall was a round plain, which was again surrounded by a rounded mountain range. This is how Plato has described the city. Where would this City be today? Read more…


George S. Alexander answers FAQ 

What qualifies you to make statements about Atlantis?
George: Nothing really – I do not make statements about Atlantis. Plato does. I only repeat them.
I have studied economics and I think the main lesson from my studies was how to do proper research. And I love research. I enjoy ancient scripts and the writings of our early historians and philosophers.

Natalis Rosen comments on ‘VISITING ATLANTIS’

The journey with George S. Alexander to investigate the probability that Atlantis is not under the sea but in a desert was an extraordinary adventure. Visiting Atlantis was an experience on its own. Since the area is very remote, the travel arrangements where quite complex.  
Personally I was never in search of Atlantis but rather in search of understanding life. In the beginning I was quite skeptical, but taking a closer look into the whole theory it all of a sudden hit me that it is a very good possibility.Read more...



Plato was one of mankind’s greatest philosophers. His mentor was Socrates and his student was Aristotle.
Plato was born in Greece around 428 BC and died there around 348 BC. His father Ariston had a pedigree which was traditionally believed to go back to the old kings of Athens, and through them to the god Poseidon.


Is Plato's account of Atlantis true or not?

It is often claimed that Plato used his story about Atlantis merely as a fantasy about a non existing land to express his views about political systems.But then he says himself: “This tale about Atlantis, though strange, is certainly true, having been attested by Solon, who was the wisest of the seven sages.”
Why would he explicitly say so if this account would not be true.



Solon lived 638 BC until 558 BC and was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and a poet. He is known for his efforts to legislate against political, economic and moral decline in archaic Athens. His he is often credited with having laid down the foundations democracy.
According to Plato's writings in Timaeus and Critias a statesman Solon heard about Atlantis from an Egyptian priest during a visit to Sais in Egypt about 590 B.C. Read more...